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JayZ For President August 13, 2006

Posted by weare1 in hip-hop, music, politics, society, travel.

bling-blingI travel Internationally a lot. You know what I see out there? Not the hate you would expect listening to FOX news. The world loves American culture. Not the Disney kind either, hardcore gagsta’ rap. It’s true, everywhere I go, American “hip-hop” is the music of choice. Here’s the part I don’t get, this is true even in countries where they don’t speak English. They still like something about the “tone” of American hip-hop, even if they can’t understand the words. It’s funny listening to really hardcore gangsta rap, you know like “fuck you, mutherfuckers,” in an upscale bar. We won the world’s hearts once with Jazz, now it’s our turn again. We have to take advantage of this opportunity, this may very well be our chance at world peace.

If we put 50 Cent in the UN instead of Bolton, do you think anyone would fuck with our resolutions? I think not, who wants to have a cap in their ass? So I say crank up the export machine to high. Lets get our most precious natural resource back in the studio. Snoop would make a great ambassador, hell he started his own language. Instead of bombs lets drop “the bomb.”

Instead of sending troops, lets send Suge Knight and his posse, at least our rap stars have the latest in body armour.

After the world embraces us for our cultural heritage I predict the economy will improve, after all, America is the only place to buy real bling-bling. I can really visualize a ghetto fabulous world, can you?

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1. bubbler - August 13, 2006

It’s also interesting how the things that can be our most valuable artistic commodity come rooted in our ghettos. Things like fashion, for example, is dictated more realistically by what hookers wear on the roadway than by what some heroin chics in Paris wear on a runway. Which might be another way of saying that reality and pain is what creates the greatest art.
Jay Z would be a great president. He slung rock; he could push politics. At least than our president would be cool, even if he was still fcking us up our arses.

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