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Yahoo! Easter Egg August 18, 2006

Posted by weare1 in comedy, software.

yahoo-logo-767054.gifYahoo easter egg discovered. Click on the exclamation point in the Yahoo! logo and you hear the “yahoooooo” yell.

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1. Damiens Journal » Blog Archive » Night Posting… - August 18, 2006

[…] Some interesting little tidbits. Did you know if click the ! in the Yahoo on the Yahoo.com page you hear a man go “yaaahhoooooooo”…yeh pointless but funny and quirky (thanks to We Are 1 for pointing it out and DIGG it). As you know I like to see internet videos and this site is quite good, it shows the top videos on Youtube and Google at the moment and it also shows top DIGG as well. Finally I found this to be quite cool, an AJAX real time chatting tool…runs pretty well on the demo site so if you have a websites that have a lot views then this maybe be really good to interact with your readers. […]

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