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iWake: Ipod & alarm clock mashup September 7, 2006

Posted by weare1 in gadgets, music.


UPDATE: got mine today via overstock.com. (target only sells theirs in store)  Kinda flimsy feeling with cheap plastic, and the ipod connector isn’t tight.  However for $80 this is still a great bargain, and it seems to work as advertised with only a few minor annoyances which I’ll elaborate after I have more time to try this bad boy.

Brilliant, at only $79.95, the new iWake is an alarm clock with an integrated ipod dock and speakers. Wake to iPod. Gradually increases volume every 5 seconds all the way to 11. Available at Target.
iWake Mi4004 Product Detail Page



1. Ron - November 19, 2006

I believe this model was rushed into production with many flawes. The sound is good considering it is a clock radio. The unit will NOT charge all dockable Ipods as claimed. Although it does charge new Ipods, it will NOT charge a 3rd generation Ipod. Therefore, it is not usable with a 3rd generation Ipod. Further, the worst aspect of the design lies with the wake up alarm. There is NO volume adjustment! Once the unit reaches the wake up time, automatically it slowly increase in volume until it reaches the FULL volume! If you hit the snooze alarm, the sound stops and resumes the full volume sequence after the snooze timeout has finished. Good luck if you want to listen to some QUIET music on your day off. And won’t you be surprised if you hit the snooze alarm and hop in the shower. You will come out of the shower to find the volume at FULL volume!!! What a joke design! Don’t buy the unit until the design has changed!!!

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