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Fair and Balanced – no really October 1, 2006

Posted by weare1 in frugality, gadgets, rant.

dsc01313.JPGWhile I do use this blog to bitch about stuff that isn’t up to par, a frightfully common occurrence, I forgot to mention this good story about Sony a while back in the pre-blog days, well for me anyhow. Although the LCD HDTV I got from Sony was great, it didn’t work with the Sony camera I had. I even went in to the Sony Style store in San Francisco and showed them it didn’t work on their TV with their camera. They said they would follow-up (but they didn’t). I called Sony and after what seemed like a brush off they came back to me albeit about a month later with a patch for my TV’s firmware on a USB memory stick.

So kudos to Sony for doing the right thing. I know they’ve got a bad rep these days after that rootkit fiasco, their music software really is dookieware, but they did come through for me when I needed it. I use my TV (BRAVIA XBR-32) to review my digital camera photos, and it looks mahvalous, well when I can hold my tiny Sony digital camera (T-5) steady that is.



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