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HBO SPECIAL Hacking Democracy – Google Video November 6, 2006

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HBO SPECIAL Hacking Democracy – Google Video

Bravo again HBO for another brilliant documentary. HBO has been firing on all cylinders recently. I have to ask myself however how come I’m not watching this on CNN or NBC? Has investigative journalism moved from the news to the entertainment division? How, as a people, did we let that happen? This is a truly frightening look at the corporate insidiousness that has taken over our country. They bought the fourth estate, and if you pay attention, you may begin to wonder, as I am, what else.

Right on HBO



1. cr - November 9, 2006

stunning work by the filmaker and the infatigable Bev Harris. What
a treasure she is. If there ever was a case for cloning, I elect her!
The last part with the Florida election official and the on camera vote fraud exercise is priceless. This film is a must see by everyone in America, before it is 100% AmeriKa.

2. Vince Delmonte - April 14, 2009

The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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