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Yahoo craps on itself! July 14, 2008

Posted by weare1 in commentary, Internet, rant, software.
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This company is incompetent.  They literally owned the Internet, they had huge market share, and through complete lack of innovation, they gave it to Google.  Today Yahoo! took the one last good thing they had (My Yahoo) and FORCED users to switch to some new 2.0 version, which to put it mildly, sucks ass.  Why wouldn’t they give users a choice?  Can’t afford the disk space?  Really?  They had a product I was mostly happy with and ruined it.  Nice going dipshits.  Do these guys own google stock or what?  How is it it possible that one of the biggest companies in the valley hasn’t made any significant changes to their core site in years (other then ruin the few things that worked well?  They have hundreds of employees and millions of dollars of market cap, what do these people do all day?  I know it’s not customer service, you would know that too if you ever tried to get any out of them.  They hide their phone numbers, and don’t even have email support.  They make you fill in forms which are auto-handled (incorrectly) and ignored.  Yahoo had to go out and buy innovation (Flickr), and even then they didn’t always do a good job.  So by switching me to your lame my yahoo 2.0 you are dead to me now Yahoo.  I thought it was My Yahoo, apparently not.