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The Uninsured Subsidize The Insured May 24, 2009

Posted by weare1 in rant.
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In America we have two health care systems, one for the insured and one for the uninsured.  They are exactly the same in every way except one, price.  If an insured person goes to an emergency room and requires a bandage their insurance company is charged the insured rate, say $20.  Now if an uninsured person goes to the same emergency room and got the same bandage they would be billed about 20 times more then the other’s insurance company, $400 in this case.  Both people need the bandage, why should the uninsured person pay more in effect subsidizeing the insured person?  Is this fair?  Clearly not.  Yet, this is what is happening day in and day out in hospitals throughout this country.  We need change, and we need it yesterday.  If you’re not outraged then you’re not paying attention.



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