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Yahoo Is The New Microsoft February 3, 2014

Posted by weare1 in geek, Internet, its all about me, rant, software, yahoo.

Again Yahoo tries to fuck it’s users, today Yahoo FORCED me to switch MyYahoo page to their new system. Obviously their new system sucks, why, I ask, can’t you let users keep a service they’re happy with, why not give them a choice? No, fuck the users, our way or the highway. Look at what happened to Quark after they refused to listen to their users. I’m a big fan of Marissa Mayer and what she’s done there, but this is the latest in a long series of updates that are worse then the original with no choice in the matter. All they have to do is read their user feedback to hear that people just don’t like the new systems. I liked my old Yahoo Mail, and I liked my old My Yahoo, hate the new ones, I’ve been a Yahoo user for 14 long years now, but if they can’t listen to what the people want, I think I need to start searching for alternatives. Their Yahoo blog about the “Upgrade” concludes, “as always, we welcome your feedback!” To which, I call bullshit. How exactly do you expect me to provide you with feedback? There’s no way to contact Yahoo, their own blog has comments turned off. They don’t really want to know what you think, they just want the appearance of listening. What matters to them is one thing only, ad revenue. Well guess what yahoo, no users, no revenue. Greed doesn’t work. Stupid and greedy don’t work. Stupid greedy, and unresponsive will never work. How can they not know this? What a great opportunity for some young startup to be the next yahoo (small y). Yahoo is Microsoft. Unyielding, unresponsive, uncaring. Yahoo search is Bing search. The new MyYahoo is Surface. Suck. I need a new homepage, google killed igoogle, now yahoo doesn’t want me anymore, I’m open to suggestions from the peanut gallery. FAIL.



1. johnthomas49745 - April 8, 2016

That show is hilarious. You need to find the video for their song “Uckin’ With My Shi” or something like that … I’m sure it’s on YouTube somewhere …. Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

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