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Patriotism July 4, 2012

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This is just wrong.  This man is a patriot.



“Nanny State” b3ta.com challenge August 22, 2006

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laughter.jpgI just found this great site similar to somethingawful, but looks to be higher-brow low-brow:

b3ta.com “Nanny State” challenge

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My Nanny State August 12, 2006

Posted by weare1 in censorship, politics, rant, society.
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PuritanI’m sorry, but this nation is just getting too puritanical. There’s talk in congress of censoring cable television content. I need my comedy, that’s the only thing keeping me going. I like my humor blue, and whatever happened to drug humor, anyone remember classic Saturday Night Live? That shit was funny. Forget about anything that funny ever again from network TV. Weeds is a pretty funny show on Showtime, but I have to wait all damn season for the DVD to show up on Netflix, because I hate Comcast and refuse to pay over $100 a month for cable TV. I know, I know, iTunes, but sorry Steve, it ain’t worth $10 a episode either. So my rant to my nation is this: grow a set of balls. Get over your hypocritical politically correct self. Please don’t try and save me from myself, I don’t want to be saved.

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