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Weather Channel My Yahoo Fail September 26, 2011

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MyYahoo! pays to get their weather data from the weather channel.  Everyday the weather sensor where I live gets hit by sprinklers causing it to say it’s raining when it isn’t.  I’ve been notifying both yahoo and TWC about this issue for over four years now multiple multiple times.  I’m getting really sick of being ignored by large uncaring corporations that don’t care about their own products.  It’s no wonder Yahoo is failing so miserably.  This isn’t rocket science, it’s weather, it would take someone five minutes to fix, but nobody wants to deal with problems and of course neither Yahoo nor TWC even have a functioning customer service dept.  When these companies wonder how they squandered such a huge lead in their industries we can look back at this post and the thousands like it and wonder why they continued to do nothing.  If I was a yahoo or NBC shareholder (thankfully I’m not) and read this I would be super pissed at management.  After all is said and done this is a management fail.

I accidentally tweeted accuweather about this issue and I couldn’t believe how responsive they were, they got back to me within an hour, as opposed to Yahoo and TWC ignoring multiple emails and tweets over four years.  Four years!  Yahoo should drop TWC which obviously doesn’t care about providing accurate weather information, and hire accuweather, because getting the weather right on your landing page should be a high priority.  FYI Google and Bing manage to get the weather right.


United Breaks Guitars July 7, 2009

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YouTube – United Breaks Guitars

Saturday Morning Cartoon Mash-up October 26, 2007

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Via Neatorama

Comics: Ridiculous Credit Card Fees From The Future – Consumerist June 18, 2007

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Comics: Ridiculous Credit Card Fees From The Future – Consumerist

The Hippy Congress! January 6, 2007

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The Hippy Congress!

The Annoy-a-tron November 28, 2006

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File under extremely devious:

The Annoy-a-tron – Gizmodo

Must Love Sharks October 24, 2006

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Must Love Sharks


Vomit Barrel – Be Very Afraid October 10, 2006

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vomit.jpgFile under over the top:

Vomit Barrel

Programmer invents Digital Wrongs Management via “Jenny Kissed Me” September 19, 2006

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Jenny Kissed Me: Discerning programmer invents Digital Wrongs Management

A reclusive computer programmer has invented Digital Wrongs Management (DWM), a system of digital restrictions on aesthetically substandard work.

I don’t Digg DRM

I Don’t Know What To File This Under, It’s Either Stupid Or Brilliant August 22, 2006

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wha_ha_ha.jpgStupid, scary, or brilliant, you decide:

MONPA – Museum of Non-Primate Art

I Digg it man