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This Will Make Your Computer Faster, No Really November 1, 2012

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This cross-platform, open source software will speed up your computer by dynamically adjusting your DNS to the fastest and closest DNS as needed. This will speed up both DNS and CDS content delivery.



The Apple Is Rotting March 11, 2011

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Steve’s not gone for five minutes before they start up with the old greedy tricks again. Apple’s done it again by charging $5 for their compiler. Do they hope to increase their bottom line $5 at a time from DEVELOPERS?! Or maybe they just want to alienate their developers. Or maybe they want to discourage the next great developer from writing the next great thing for their platform. Hello Apple, you WANT developers.  Repeat until understood; Developers are not a profit center!

Those of you that are old school remember when Steve left (got kicked out) in the mid 80’s and what happened to Apple then; They produced marketing limited computers, and shoddy overpriced products. Straight up, they got lazy and greedy. Lest us not forget that it was Apple during this time that invented the mandatory operating system upgrade, now standard industry practice for revenue generation (greed.)

Maybe their success with their AppStore went to their head, and they think that now they don’t need developers, or that they can be treated poorly, or even milked for revenue.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  Apple’s distribution costs are essentially zero, I just don’t understand this decision at all.  I understand the people running the company now are MBA’s just like Scully was, it’s so obvious.  While the street might say that you need MBA’s to run this company, it’s painfully obvious they want to run it into the ground by milking every drip of revenue from it they can.  They know nothing about sustainability or innovation.

Apple you’re going in the wrong direction again. Charging for your development platform has to be the stupidest decision in the modern computer business. You should, in addition to reverting the compiler back to free, go one step further and either continue to support your older operating systems like 10.4 or offer upgrades for free. Making operating systems essentially a subscription service might apparently help your bottom line, but you risk losing customers. If your competitors weren’t lazier and more greedy then you, then you might have real competition; Rest assured at some point in time it will happen. Lets hope by then you’re not too fat, lazy, and greedy to change.

Another Massive Microsoft Fail February 6, 2010

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The fact that Microsoft didn’t turn the Xbox into a media center which we proved it could be great at, was one of the largest mistakes in the history of technology which amazingly they are repeating with their 360 product. They are more concerned about making sure their box doesn’t get hacked then making sure their customers get the most out of their box. Once one of these dumb (I’m looking at you Sony who lost the complete control of the console market, but also made the same media center mistake) companies figures out that the homebrew community can improve their product, and has better software engineers then they do, and is willing to open their product will have massive success, because the people have spoken. We know what we want, the companies know what we want but for some reason are unwilling to provide it. The fact that Microsoft was greedy about their box will doom them to failure. Because our XBMC community was unable to use the 360 we switched to the Mac and Linux platforms, which we are going to use as our media centers thus depriving Microsoft of their beloved “Microsoft Tax.” They could have owned this market segment which will grow and grow, but because they chose to milk their consoles for profitability over usability they lose. Management in America is very short sighted.

JungleDisk – Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3™ October 4, 2006

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jdisk.jpgHard disks fail. It’s only a matter of time. Backups are a pain in the ass. Finally I’ve found a great solution for this common computing problem. JungleDisk is a cross-platform application to backup your data off-site on Amazon’s S3 storage server cloud. This thing is fantastic, and the economics of the S3 backup service are good. Having your data off-site is essential because any catastrophe could take out your original data as well as your on-site backups. Even RAID is not a good solution because of the locality of the data.

While JungleDisk isn’t perfect, it’s a great start. It has built-in encryption to protect your data, you can backup and access your data as a drive letter disk. This tool is going to help me sleep better at night, and that’s a good thing. I heartily recommend this application and service.

JungleDisk – Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3™

I digg sleeping better at night

You Say You Want A Revolution? August 13, 2006

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police_squad_1.jpgWhy Does Windows Still Suck? / Why do PC users put up with so many viruses and worms? Why isn’t everyone on a Mac?

Expensive Bits August 12, 2006

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CameraI’m about to get a new fancy digital camera. I’d like to get a nice photo editing package to go with it. (OS X) Most Experts recommend Photoshop CS2. However at $695 this is actually more then the computer it’s going to run on. $695 is too much. I agree it’s the best product on the market, but that really is ridiculous when you consider their marginal cost on these is like $10-20. Too bad piccasa is Windows only. Gimp is too makeshifty. I heard good things about the new iPhoto, but I only have the old one with osx 10.3.9.