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Another Massive Microsoft Fail February 6, 2010

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The fact that Microsoft didn’t turn the Xbox into a media center which we proved it could be great at, was one of the largest mistakes in the history of technology which amazingly they are repeating with their 360 product. They are more concerned about making sure their box doesn’t get hacked then making sure their customers get the most out of their box. Once one of these dumb (I’m looking at you Sony who lost the complete control of the console market, but also made the same media center mistake) companies figures out that the homebrew community can improve their product, and has better software engineers then they do, and is willing to open their product will have massive success, because the people have spoken. We know what we want, the companies know what we want but for some reason are unwilling to provide it. The fact that Microsoft was greedy about their box will doom them to failure. Because our XBMC community was unable to use the 360 we switched to the Mac and Linux platforms, which we are going to use as our media centers thus depriving Microsoft of their beloved “Microsoft Tax.” They could have owned this market segment which will grow and grow, but because they chose to milk their consoles for profitability over usability they lose. Management in America is very short sighted.


Geek Hibernation August 23, 2006

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all_in.jpgI will be unavailable to do any blogging for the next four or five days, as MS just dropped Texas Hold ‘Em on my xbox 360.  For free no less. I love poker and my 360 and this game looks (and sounds) mahvalous (except for the felt, really thats the best you guys could do?).  So anyway, I’m not dead, just locked in a death spiral with my little white box.

Since MS uncharacteristically gave us a 48 hour window to get this game for free from xbox live arcade at 1 am last night, I’ve been playing almost straight since then.  During the first hour I won my first tourney and made it to the highest leaderboard rank I’ll likely ever see again.  At least poker gives me a chance to keep up with the trigger happy young’ins.
Xbox.com | Texas Hold ’em – Game Detail Page

Xbox 360 Live Senior Edition August 13, 2006

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senior tourI love my Xbox 360, and I love that I can play online games on it. But these young kids are just too fucking good. They’re kicking my ass all over cyberspace. I need a senior league for online gaming. You’ll have to prove you’re over 21.

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