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Zombie Repellent August 19, 2006

Posted by weare1 in comedy, undead.

zombies.jpgThe Zombie Preparedness Kit

“*Disclaimer: FBMG does not guarantee the Zombie Loadout for outbreaks of greater than 100 Zombies. If customer is devoured by the undead, FBMG will provide a full refund of the customer’s money to their next of kin, provided that proof can be provided that said customer was actually eaten by Zombies. The FBMG Zombie Loadout is not guaranteed against vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, demons, doppelgangers, Cthulhu or his minions, giant radioactive animals, chupacabras, wendigos, sasquatch, scientologists, space aliens, mummies, Frankenstein’s monster, or major league baseball. Void where prohibited.”

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1. We Are 1 » You Were Warned…..Zombies Invade San Francisco! - August 20, 2006

[…] Holy crap, zombies have invaded San Francisco! Here’s photographic evidence, including their rampage on the San Francisco Apple store. Too bad you didn’t get your Zombie Preparedness Kit ahead of time. Now whos the stupid one? […]

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